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Jeni Steele MCMH LPC

I specialize in women's betrayal trauma & anxiety. I help people move through the pain of betrayal & anxiety toward self-trust & healthy connection. Betrayal often involves incredible loss, trauma & abuse. Healing may require you to connect to your choices & wisdom. Maybe we'll explore the possibility of balanced relationship repair. Or maybe, you'll discover new parts of you. I offer breathwork, bodywork, mindwork, groupwork, and other strengths-based tools to support you as you rebuild your sense of self. The experience of betrayal is harmful in many ways and we often don't know what to do with that kind of pain and uncertainty.

At Arizona Family Institute, I work with a team of therapists who specialize in different aspects of this kind of trauma. We have experts in women's & men's mental health, family systems, child/teen/young adult needs, relationship repair, or uncoupling. Research shows that when people are healthy, relationships are healthy. When relationships are healthy, communities get healthier too.

Betrayal often impacts the whole family. You are going to need your community. Our team has many community connections & referrals. Clinicians ethically don't accept gifts/business kickbacks. We want you to connect with the right care for your needs. 

If you have that heavy feeling in your chest or throat & you're not sure what to do, reach out. See you soon.

P.S. This was written by me, a real human.

Take good care,


Support Groups ran by Jeni

Jeni currently runs 2 support groups for women. Click on the buttons below to learn more. 

Betrayal Trail Guide
Women's Healing Circle