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Barbara Hettinger - MS, LAC - Bio

Human existence is a complex gift of change, growth, and development. Our experiences can cause us to question how we can discover our better lives and our better selves. During developmental stages and through our unique life challenges, we may find ourselves desiring assistance to move in a better direction or to develop healthier relationships. My purpose is to walk alongside you on that journey and help you reach your goals.

Building safe, non-judgmental, and helpful spaces for clients and families is ultimately the beginning of the therapeutic relationships that can effect the most healthy changes.  I assist individuals in all stages of development to achieve their own goals with respect to self-confidence, relationship healing, healthy boundary creation, addiction recovery, trauma recovery, and moving toward greater mental health. My approaches include solution-focused, strength-based therapy, family systems therapy, marital and partner relationship building, healthy boundary development, cognitive restructuring, and attachment building. Most of my emphasis surrounds healing trauma and helping clients move toward realizing their individual objectives in all stages of development and assisting you in your diverse challenges. I am trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), which is a trauma treatment. My husband and I are the parents of 5 children.