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"The difference in a teacher and a mentor is that a mentor is interested in our soul." - Robert A. Johnson

Each client is someone who has the Divine within, just waiting to be found, to assist in healing the past hurts experienced in mortal life. Together we uncover that deep, sacred part of you. We find your truth, light, and empowerment so you can become who you were sent here to be.

In my 15 years of experience, I have come to believe that therapy is a place to be mentored, educated, and given a blueprint for healthiness. With the combination of Individual and Group therapy, you're provided a setting to learn and practice new skills, tools, and habits that can change your life.

5 Star Rating

Assisted me in calming my mind

What I like most about LuAnn is her healing process, she really has a gift. She even taught me to release things to my higher power through the Atonement. When I first came to her I thought I needed to fix myself. She taught me that I simply needed to find myself. By taking her DBT class and doing one on one sessions, I've learned to replace my unhealthy coping mechanisms and addictions. Her mindfulness exercises have assisted me in calming my mind and staying in the moment. These routines have become a lifestyle all on their own, one which I hope to continue. I'm so happy that I have had the privilege of having her walk with me on my healing journey.

5 Star Rating

Better deal with my setbacks

I was stuck in my business and was not moving forward. A friend suggested I go see LuAnn to see if she could help me with a few of my blocks. She definitely helped me see where I was holding myself back. Then, through her Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Group, I have been learning tools to help me better deal with my setbacks and/or change my perspective on things. She is extremely knowledgeable on how to get healthy and stay healthy. I am so grateful she is part of my life to help me be healthier. She is one of the most amazing therapists I have ever been to.

5 Star Rating

Cares with her whole heart

I have seen different types of psychologists, counselors, and therapists. I've even had the same diagnosis and no one has been able to help me the way LuAnn has. She's a straight shooter who cares with her whole heart and doesn't take any shenanigans. Her DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) class, group therapy, has helped me to handle life and the struggles I face in a healthier way. With the guidance of LuAnn I've become more of a healthy bad guy then I'd ever thought possible. While I'm still learning I finally feel like there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.