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Counselor, LMSW

Lisa Randall is a Licensed Master Social Worker who enjoys connecting with her clients and helping them to see themselves from a new perspective as they share their unique story. She believes that within each person lies a powerful spirit regardless of life’s circumstances. She helps clients to see that shame resilience and self-compassion are important elements in the healing process.

Lisa sees women with a large range of challenges including depression, anxiety, addiction, transitions, empty nest, post partum, and marital issues. She also offers family counseling designed to increase mutual understanding and unity within the home.

In addition to traditional therapeutic techniques including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Client Centered Therapy, Lisa incorporates mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and inner child work in her practice. Lisa is a compassionate and non-judgmental therapist who sees herself not as the expert, but as the observer. She believes that if perceptions shift within a spiritual framework, healing is enhanced.

Lisa also facilitates groups for women to help identify issues and to increase in self-awareness, as well as foster connection and empathy among group members. She enjoys helping women find their own purpose and meaning, and to realize that they are not alone.